Refund Policy

If you change your mind, you have 15 days to return your order, along with your receipt, order form, and order confirmation email.

Call 357 22486068 for the information you need.

If you are unable to return a product purchased from the Deventer online shop (, For an additional fee, our partner shipping company will accept returns.

The shipping cost of the product depends on your local zip code and the weight of the item. Products you wish to return must be in perfect condition and must be in sealed packaging.

You are responsible for the cost of returning the product, unless the product is not covered under warranty due to a manufacturing defect. If the product packaging has been opened, it must be returned in perfect condition. All the parts and accessories that make it up. You agree to take note of the condition of any returned merchandise from the time of delivery to you.

Until it is deposited at a Deventer branch or a partner carrier. When creating your own work or decoration, we will not be held responsible if any problems occur during the processing of the product. For example, vases that have wax on them due to use, or artificial flowers that have changed colour due to being wet cannot be replaced.

Important Notes:

  1. We will offer you a credit of equal value to exchange the product or obtain another item of equal value.

  2. We do not exchange the following items: Mallows, Dragees, Vases, Lasecut wooden products